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A Realistic Self Care Exercise For The Busy Girl

Self Care, Mental Health, Mental Illness

Hello angels! As a sufferer of multiple mental health illnesses, I have tried many coping mechanisms and distractions. I personally think that what works the best for me might not work in the same way for you, but in the chance that it does, I want to share with you how to make your own Self Soothe Box. A Self Soothe Box is something that…

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Volunteering to Improve Your Mental Disorder

Hello angels, welcome back to my blog!  I volunteered from the age of fourteen to sixteen at a local charity shop named Julia’s House, a dedicated Dorset and Wiltshire hospice which supports children with life-limiting illnesses and their families, providing constant round-the-clock care. My time as a volunteer allowed me to help myself whilst helping others, and it was truly one of the best decisions…

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How To Stop Self Harming

Mental Health, Mental Illness, Self Harm

Disclaimer: This blog post does contain references to self-harm and a video related to self-harm, which some readers may find triggering. If this is something that could trigger you, please click off and I will see you in my next post on Friday! Hello angels! As the 1st March is Self Harm Awareness Day, I have decided to share my story of how I stopped…

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Ten Things I’ve Learnt From Having A Mental Illness

Mental Health, Mental Illness, Depression

Hello everybody! Today I’m discussing ten valuable lessons that my mental illness has taught me, as an eighteen year old. Most often, mental illness is portrayed as limiting and has negative connotations. The positive lessons it holds are usually brushed underneath the carpet, which is why I want to create a change in viewpoints and shine a light on some of the things that I…

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A Guide On Getting Through Those Bad Mental Health Days

Hello everybody and welcome back! Today I wanted to talk to you about getting through those bad mental health days. The ones where it’s slightly harder to think positively and where motivation is non-existent. Everybody has them! Here’s how you can overcome them. Disclaimer: What works for me may not work for you, as everyone experiences things very differently. These are just some things that…

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I'm Casey, a 19 year old mental health, lifestyle and travel blogger living on the South coast of England. On my blog you'll find a mixture of mental heath and wellness advice, travel diaries, self-help tips and more.

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I’m Casey, a 19 year old lifestyle and mental health blogger from the sea-side town Bournemouth. I’m an aspiring Mental Health Nurse and I would like to help sufferers of mental illness in the way that I was helped myself. I want my blog to be a place for readers to turn to, for advice and support as they are on their own journeys with mental health. If I am able to help at least one person, it makes sharing my story and being vulnerable all worth it.