Hiya angel! I’m Casey, a passionate lifestyle, mental health and wellness blogger. Here is a little snapshot of my life, which details how and why I blog so openly about my experiences with mental health.


I am part of a generation which has lost count of the days spent in waiting lists for mental health treatment.


Under the provision of CAMHS, I was assigned eight different clinical psychologists in four years.

During this time my depression worsened, which lead to my admission to an adolescent psychiatric unit in 2016. Due to the national mental health bed shortage, I stayed in a hospital barely within the 100 mile radius of my home. This experience changed my life, and other people deserve to be helped in the ways that I was during my admission.



Sometimes, CAMHS can make you feel like just another job on their to do list. Despite this, I have built myself into a happy, thriving woman in society and I want to help you do the same.

Especially those of you that have been let down by mental health services. 

I want to show you that mental illness is not beautifully tragic.

That a hospital 100 miles from your home is not somewhere to aspire to be.


I write to help the parents that fear one evening you’ll say goodnight and not wake up again. The siblings that don’t understand why their big sister can’t pull themselves out of bed to play. The teachers that don’t know what more to do.


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I hope you feel that you can turn to Casestreetx for advice and support, as you accomplish your own mental health journey.

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