30 Acts of Kindness with Papyrus UK

One act of kindness can change someone’s entire day.

Without realising, you could be the reason that someone decides to keep fighting.


In this post I have compiled 30 small ways to spread hope and kindness, including one which directly supports suicide prevention.


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acts of kindness

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Introducing Papyrus UK

Papyrus is a suicide prevention charity, which exists to reduce the number of young people who take their own lives.

This Christmas, Papyrus have partnered with SoapSisters to help spread hope through soap!


acts of kindness


Each bar of soap costs £5.50, with £1.50 from every bar going to Papyrus, to help fund their helpline, HOPELINE UK, this Christmas.


HOPELINE UK is a free and confidential support service for young people struggling with thoughts of suicide, and for those who are concerned for a young person.

It provides potential life-saving calls, texts or emails for young people.

The helpline number is 0800 068 4141.


Through a small gift to yourself or someone else, you can support Papyrus to save young lives.

Spreading hope through soap is an extremely powerful act of kindness, and one which I am proud to share with you.

You can purchase your soap by clicking here!



Acts of Kindness for the Community

1. Write a Positive Review for a Small Business
2. Donate to a Local Food Bank
3. Volunteer for a Local Cause
4. Smile More
5. Safely Check-in with a Neighbour who is Isolated or Shielding
6. Hold the Door Open For Someone
7. Compliment a Stranger
8. Give an old Coat to a Homeless Person
9. Donate to a Charity Shop
10. Give up your Seat


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Acts of Kindness for your Loved Ones

11. Surprise someone with a Self-Care Package
12. Arrange a Socially-Distanced Catch-Up
13. Tell Someone How Much you Appreciate Them
14. Send Someone a Handwritten Card or Letter



15. Offer to Babysit
16. Make a Cup of Tea for Those at Home
17. Surprise Someone with a Thoughtful Gift, Just Because
18. Really Listen to What Others Have to Say
19. Help With Their To-Do List
20. Simply Check-In


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Acts for Yourself

21. Ask For Help
22. Update your Self-Care Routine
23. Write a Gratitude List
24. Celebrate your Achievements
25. Practice Self-forgiveness
26. Listen to your body
27. Take Some Time Out
28. Change the way you talk to yourself
29. Buy yourself flowers
30. Be patient with yourself



Lets be the reason that someone smiles today.


Don’t forget to tag me in pictures of your Papyrus soap, and make sure to use the hashtags #SpreadHopeThroughSoap #TheSoapSistersUK

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