The Bloggers Secret Santa 2019

It is my pleasure to announce that the Bloggers Secret Santa will be running for its third consecutive year! This post summarises what you can expect from the Secret Santa, how everything works and lastly, how you can sign up to take part!

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What is the Bloggers Secret Santa?

The Bloggers Secret Santa is a project which I began in 2017- wow, where has the time gone angels? I wanted to create something which would bring the blogging community together and also, remind us of the importance of little acts of kindness.

On Thursday 31st October, all entered participants will be drawn the name of another blogger, and are tasked with gifting them an appropriate, lovely gift. For example, a lifestyle blogger could be gifted a Lush bath bomb, a sheet mask & a miniature box of chocolates! Try not to spend more than £10-£15 also angels.

To see the presents which were exchanged last year, there is a dedicated story highlight on my Instagram, which you can find here.

On Sunday 15th December at 8pm all participants will open their presents, documenting this through an Instagram story or Tweet, or both! I have chosen this date because it gives time for individuals to create content using the #BloggersSecretSanta2019 as part of their Blogmas content, if they choose to. I know that a lot of you did this last year!


Rules of Participation:

UK only.

Once you have signed up and committed to the Secret Santa, you can’t drop out. So please ensure this is something you want to do, and can do, before applying.

The presents must be sent by Friday 29th November latest.

You must submit proof of sending. This can be done by photographing a receipt from the post office and sending it to myself by email ( or through Twitter messages which I have linked here.

Any rude, discriminatory or offensive language will result in removal from the Secret Santa.

No promotion of blog posts or social media is permitted.

There will be a group chat for everybody in this years Secret Santa. Due to the amount of people taking part, and the number of messages that can come through, please use the ‘🎄’ emoji at the start of your message if it is related to the Secret Santa, or answering a Secret Santa related question. This means that everybody doesn’t have to scan through sometimes hundreds of messages to get that information.

You must post at least one photograph or video of your Secret Santa present opening.


How Do I Sign Up?

So, once you have read the rules of participation and feel that you can commit to the Secret Santa, you’re ready to sign up!

To sign up, please send an email to, with ‘Bloggers Secret Santa’ as the subject line. Let me know your name, Instagram username and Twitter username, and you’re in!

If you have any questions about the Secret Santa, please feel free to email me or contact me on social media, my links are below!


Thank you for reading angels!

You can also find me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook!

Love Casey x



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